Students are generally expected to make use of the school buses. Students availing themselves of the school bus, must, as rule, continue to use the service throughout the year. In exceptional cases permission to discontinue could be granted by the principal provided a return application to the effect is submitted by the parent.

The school will not provide alternate the transport facilities to students who miss the bus. While waiting for school bus, students should be mindful the good manners and exemplary behaviour. Playing at centres is strictly forbidden.

No student is permitted to take lift from any person in his/her bikes/cars without the prior permission of the school authorities. It is very dangerous to take lift from strangers who encourage you to ride with them with a promise to reach you home.

School Bus Routes: 2022-2023

Bus no 1810(No 1)
Udayathumvathil — Cheppanam Home Dispensary – Kammoth — Panangad flat – Madavana Junction -Nettoor old Masjid – Nettoor – School

Bus no 243 (No 2)
Kannadikadu – Thykoodam -Chambakkara – Maradu – INTUC – Nettoor -School